Wuhan, China | 2015 | Territories study
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A strategic urban master plan for a new sustainable city

  • Client: AFD (Agence Française de Développement)
  • Consortium: AREP (representative) - BURGEAP
  • Partners: Menighetti, EY, Terao, Iris Conseil, Biotope
  • Surface area: Three different study perimeters: a 120-km² territory, a 62-km² planning area and a 32-km² core project area
  • Operational perimeter: 30 km²
  • Schedule: November 2014 – End of 2015

Caidian Eco-city is part of a Franco-Chinese context, development of French expertise in the field of sustainable urban development and application of an exemplary site of a Chinese city in strong development.

AREP was tasked to develop the strategic urban master plan for the eco-city of Caidian, a city of about 500,000 inhabitants located in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan (10,000,000 inhabitants) in central China.

The project is funded by the AFD (“Agence Française de Développement”) and is part of a Sino-French cooperation, which aims to apply the French knowledge and expertise in the field of sustainable urban development to an exemplary site of a fast-developing Chinese city. It deals with urban expansion considerations and Chinese cities push the envelope when it comes to this matter. As representative of the consortium, we provide our expertise in various areas involving urban considerations (such as governance, project building, urban planning and development, mobility, etc.) but also our experience as multi-disciplinary coordinator, capable of combing all the necessary specializations to analyze spaces, contexts and settings and propose adequate formal and operational solutions to sustainable urban development issues.

AREP’s subsidiary Menighetti will be in charge of the urban programming.

Last news

Chengdu's Eco-District development project - AREP leads a group of experts

The kick-off meeting regarding Chengdu's Longquanyi Eco-District development project was held on 9 March 2017. AREP leads a group of experts from China and France in charge of making recommendation on urban and sustainable design in this new district located east of Chengdu.

This consulting mission is financed by AFD, thanks to the specific fund "FEXTE / China-Sustainable Cities" (Fonds d'expertise technique et d'échanges d'expériences / Chine-Villes durables) which especially targets French-Chinese eco-district projects following past Chinese-French bilateral agreements that support urban development and economic initiatives. Funded by the same scheme, the City of Wuhan also benefited from the French urban planning expertise: For the Caidian district, the general master plan of a future Chinese-French Eco-City was designed. Both these projects are supported by the French government through the Vivapolis organization and its representative, Mr. Gérard Wolf.

The French Consul General in Chengdu, Ms. Fabyène Mansencal, the Director of the Office in charge of the Chinese-French Eco-District, Mr. Guo Chen, the representatives of AREP, Antoine Mougenot and Eric Le Khanh, invited all local authorities and stakeholders on 9 March and officially launched the mission. Experts will make recommendation about fostering the environmental quality of the project, whilst making technical proposals in all sectors involved in a sustainable city development (transportation, energy, waste management, water management) in line with French suppliers and their expertise.


Caidian eco-city
A Franco-Chinese project for a sustainable city at the tip of tomorrow's challenges