Casablanca, Morocco | 2015-2018 | Territories study
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A landscaping for the Bouskoura Forest
  • Client: Haut-Commissariat aux Eaux et Forêts et à la Lutte Contre la Désertification  and Casablanca Aménagement SA
  • Project management: AREP jointly with Carey Duncan Design and Fadel Guerraoui (architect)
  • Total area: 3,000 sqm
  • Study: 2015

  • Works duration: 2016-2018

The Bouskoura forest is a 2,992 ha green lung located 14 km from the centre of Casablanca
The Bouskoura-Merchich forest forms a 3,000-hectare green lung just 14 kilometres to the south of Casablanca’s city centre and contrasts sharply with the city’s urban congestion.

The redevelopment of the Bouskoura forest aims both to preserve the forest’s landscape, flora and fauna and to provide the city dwellers with a safe and healthy environment that meets their needs for leisure and relaxation.

Designing a welcoming environment for city dwellers

The redevelopment scheme aims to enhance the forest’s appeal and accessibility. To this end, the fence wall has been knocked down, new entrance points and car parks have been created, whereas cars have been pushed to the fringe of the site to encourage soft transport modes. Local natural materials have been used for ground surfacing and signage (stone, beaten earth, gabion walls, and wood).
The project has implemented a new signposting and wayfinding system aimed at providing users with a positive and stress-free experience. A collection of 550 signs (directional markers, stone directional signs, educational and sensory trail markers) under a forest-specific logo spread across the four zones of the site and guide visitors through the forest in a safe manner.

Preserving ecological and landscape unity

The site boasts a strong identity and comprises some ecologically remarkable but fragile areas. To deal with landscape, environmental and silvicultural challenges four zones have been created, each one dedicated to a specific purpose and activity:

  • “Petit Canton”: Recreation infrastructure and sports areas
  •  “Forêt de la Découverte” : Fauna and flora exploration tours
  •  “Forêt Laboratoire”: Environmental awareness
  •  “Grande Forêt”: Tree planting (pines and eucalyptus) aimed at maintaining the forest’s biological rhythm.

Each zone has been designed in accordance with the physical features of the area, its vegetation and accessibility.

Raising awareness over environmental issues

One of the highlights of the project lies in the intention to raise public awareness over environmental issues and involve schools in this process through trips and recreational activities. Educational and sensory trails help experience nature, while educational signs and a newly created conservation centre inform visitors on the history, fauna and flora of this extremely rich but also fragile ecosystem.


Last news

Development of the Bouskoura forest in Morocco
The development of the Bouskoura forest by the AREP teams in Morocco, with avec Carey Duncan Désign et fadel Guerraoui
(architect) is nearing completion. Located to the south of Casablanca, the 3,000-ha forest will provide recreation infrastructure and services, including educational walks, playgrounds, sports areas, picnic spots, as well as public furniture, signposting and waymarkers.

The residents of Casablanca only have to wait a few months to rediscover the Bouskoura forest, the city's green lung.

Watch the short video to get a glimpse of AREP's work, aiming both to enhance the forest's attractiveness and to preserve the site's ecosystem