Rabat, Morocco | 2014 | Urban study
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A new landscaping in a valley

  • Client: CGI (Compagnie générale immobilière)
  • Project management: AREP
  • Schedule: September 2013 - October 2014
The Bouregreg Valley constitutes the key element of the urban development project for the Moroccan capital.
Starting at the port and the surrounding districts, it extends to the south to bring together, over time, the twin cities of Rabat and Salé.
The "Bouregreg ZP4" district will form the south entry to the site. The project aims to raise the level of public spaces, streets and ground floors above the flood stage of the site. It is laid out around a central landscaped space and provides continuity between the river and the existing residential area while promoting the local biodiversity. By responding to the sustainable urban development challenges we intend to take full advantage of both the urban and rural character of the territory but also its landscape qualities. We have envisioned an inhabited space, where urban composition highlights human relationship to the vast landscape, encourages interaction with the nearby neighbourhoods and enhances community life. This will provide the area with coherence and a proper identity while transforming it into a genuine, animated meeting place in Greater Rabat.