Beijing, China | 2012 | Public area
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A development of the district 

  • Client: Beijing Dashanlan Yongxing Real Estate Co., Ltd
  • Prime Contractor: AREP Ville. Local partner: BIAD for the rollout phases
  • Surface: a built environment of 138 000 m² - shopping centre, shops, restaurants, museum and exhibition centre
  • Delivery: 2012
Dashilan is one of Beijing’s historic and symbolic districts.
Located at the southern end of Tiananmen Square, it is home to shops, restaurants and theatres. The conserved buildings in this district are a blend of Ming and Min-Guo style (European style).  AREP Ville has defined the urban layout of the district and has restructured the conserved buildings and then suggested designs for new buildings, blending contemporary architecture and traditional Beijing architectural styles.