Valence, France | 2002 | Public area
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A new business park 

  • Client: Syndicat Mixte de Rovaltain
  • Prime contractor: AREP Ville / Landscaping : Atelier Sempervirens
  • Site surface: 10 ha
Located in the immediate area around Valence TGV station, the new business park reflects the urban development driven by high-speed rail services on the outskirts of cities.
A genuine seed set to grow into a town, the business park is organised around a central thoroughfare, a public square, and pedestrian walkways, and is insulated from the station by a car park and a long stand of trees. It complies with environmental requirements, notably in terms of processing rainwater. Pollutants in run-off water are fixed in reclaimed marshland by macrophyte plants, a type of reed, instead of using the traditional oil separators.