Chengdu, China | 2008 | Multipurpose buildings
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A modern operation control center 

  • Client: Chengdu Metro Corporation
  • Prime Contractor: AREP Ville and Institut n°2 of the Chinese Railways (SSDI)
  • Site surface: 105 000 m²
  • Delivery: 2008
The programme, located in the city`s new administrative centre, houses the administration and control centres for the city`s metro network, a shopping mall a hotel and offices.
The development was designed to achieve maximum overall environmental quality, as evidenced by the tower rising from the central garden. This has a glass double skin on its south façade, rising to a height of 110 metres. On the outside, the glass, which is held in place by glazing beads, offers a variable density pattern. On the inside skin, a Low-E glass, comprises a system of windows whose size increases with the density of the patterning. The resulting thermal performance means the amount of air injected by heating units can be reduced; it is further enhanced by an open channel in the tower`s lower and upper sections.