Chengdu, China | 2012 | Culture
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A museum with an original design

  • Client: Chengdu Planning Office
  • Project management: AREP Ville, CSWADI
  • Exhibition building - Surface: 113 000 m²
  • Delivery: 2012
The complex building of Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall located in Financial HQ Business District - High-Tech Zone is a public activity center.
By creative design, it should become a landmark building complex, harmonious with urban space and provide a series of comfortable and pleasant indoor and outdoor spaces with reasonable functions. This proposal adopts a semi-enclosed layout. The multistory (medium and high rise) buildings in the east and south form an "L" shaped layout along the street. A high-rise tower building is arranged at the northeastern corner. It semi-encloses with the "L" shaped buildings to form a courtyard. The courtyard is conveniently linked with urban roads in all directions, fully demonstrating the open feature of this area. The project consists of three parts, namely: Planning Exhibition Hall, Urban Construction Archives, affiliated offices and a comprehensive office building. The buildings are well arranged to create a harmonious sense of rhythm in space sequence and maintain harmonious physical relations with the city.