The Greencenter®, a new, high environmental quality retail park concept, is being developed around an existing cluster of buildings at the centre of the site which define the disposition of the new-build features.

Thanks to the distance separating the new buildings from the older ones, there is space for a planted central core. This is underpinned by the landscaped car parking and a number of water features that invite visitors to stretch their legs. A secure, generously-proportioned, tree-lined walkway also interconnects the new buildings. An attractive grouping of retail outlets, services and offices, coupled with a supervised children’s play area, together provide a substantial offering for visitors. The walks and bridges can be sheltered from strong sunlight by colourful canvas awnings, and on the façades the shops or their own awnings partially shade the walkways. The combination of wind, water and planting contributes to the creation of smart buildings which benefit from the cooling of the air in summer, from the power of the elements to generate electricity, and from the ability to use plants to process wastewater at the same time as its creates a venue where flora, fauna and nature are preserved.