Casablanca, Morocco | 2017 | Technical building
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A technical and urban facility

  • Client: Casa-Transport SA
  • Project management: AREP, CID, and SYSTRA
  • Studies: September 2015-March 2016
  • Opening: October 2018
The maintenance depot for tram line 2 symbolises changing mobility habits in Grand Casablanca and complements the transport network operation system, while blending seamlessly with the surroundings.
A major addition to the operation of the tram network

The maintenance depot will be dedicated to Casablanca's tram line 2. It will occupy a 5 ha-site at the eastern terminal of the line, within a mixed-use area undergoing extensive urban revitalisation. The facility will accommodate essential maintenance functions and tools (wheel reprofiling, wheel lathes, etc.) and will increase the stabling capacity for the tram fleet of the Grand Casablanca transport network.
The stabling area will have eight roads and will be located next to both the 2 100 m²-maintenance shed and the two-level operational premises ( 270 m²), which will be sharing the same space within a metal structure bringing to mind an industrial farm.
The workshops and operational premises will be accessed from the south and west.

A public facility blending seamlessly with the surroundings

The maintenance depot will be constructed in the immediate vicinity of the tram terminal. A 5 600 m²-landscaped park with various plant species will be created in front of the building's facade, offering shady recreational spaces to locals. This public area will accommodate tiered spaces, both planted and paved, linked to one another by ramps in order to provide an accessible environment to people with mobility impairments.
The rooftop of the stabling shed will host sports grounds stretching over 5 600 m². They will be accessed via staircases running diagonally at both ends of the facade.

Last news

Casablanca's Wali, the vice-governor of the district of Sidi Bernoussi, Youssef Draiss (chief executive officer of Casa Transport), and the project management teams (from Systra, AREP, and CID) visited the building site of the Sidi Bernoussi maintenance depot.
The construction of the maintenance depot is a key project for the development of Casablanca's transport network. It is expected to start operating in the third quarter of 2018 and will be dedicated to the new tram line 2, a 22.5km-long line (33 stations) running between Sidi Bernoussi and Ain Diab.