Hanoi, Vietnam | 2009 | Multipurpose buildings
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A new district

  • Client: Hanoi Construction Corporation
  • Project management: AREP Ville / J.M. Duthilleul, E. Tricaud
  • Study: schematic design accomplished in January 2009
  • Area: 63 ha


The project bridges the existing districts of the city with the future ones by combining different features: visual axes and perspectives connect different areas of the project, minor routes are extended to reach the heart of the site and a network of pedestrian public spaces is created to make circulation between districts easier.
This network will link together the city's future public parks and will help blend the diplomatic precinct into its surroundings. Moreover, it will boost urban activity and increase global understanding and legibility of the new urban layout. In concrete terms, the public parks will be connected by two major thoroughfares, an east-to-west and a north-to-south one. High-rise buildings will be laid out in a way to benefit from unimpeded views and sunlight. The development plan optimises the balance between high volumes and public spaces below them. The high-rise buildings will host, on their ground floor, different kinds of public facilities, thus encouraging urban activity on the main thoroughfares of the city.