Shanghai, China | 2015 | Lodging
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Housing area above railway infrastructure 

  • Project ownership: Shanghai Metro
  • Project management: AREP Ville, China Railway No.3 Survey and Design Group Co. Ltd
  • Surface: 80 ha
  • Tender awarded: 2015
In Jinqiao in Eastern Shanghai, AREP Ville is working on a 100 hectare plot to build a housing area above railway infrastructure.
The programme being developed is in keeping with a policy of optimising land use and building quality housing that is accessible to as many people as possible. The urban composition put forward by AREP Ville was particularly carefully planned: precise locations for different programme types (shops close to the metro stations and sports facilities and schools in the middle of a park), in addition to the housing itself, major spaces and urban landmarks alongside the shopping and transport areas, a composition of built structures that creates a landscape in the heart of the development, a network of footpaths to create natural routes and easy and convenient routes, road access and roadways are simply organised and serve the whole site via two north-south routes. They give residents immediate access to the car parks located on a mid-level between the metro maintenance shed and the esplanade, directly linked to their apartment buildings, and particular care was taken with the edges of the project in order to ensure continuity with the surrounding environment.