Muscat, Oman | 2017 | Urban study
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A new waterfront resort

  • Client: Private Developer
  • Design: AREP Dubai
  • Surface area: 1 281 000 m² GFA
  • Study: 2017
The main theme that defines our masterplan is to render visible the space between things. This is place-making. This is creating architecture - space - by the voids rather than by building forms themselves. This is how we create new value, new experiences within a portion of the greater Muscat waterfront.

A new urban methodology

The art installations by Carl Andre were inspirational in our masterplan work as it keyed us into a different planning methodology: to "cut" into the vastness of this 1 million square meter environment - rather than organizing it by filling it with roads and building blocks - to create new forms of outdoor or covered "living rooms".
To render visible the space between things

New micro-environments
The results are endless new micro-environments, like a modern interpretation of a Souk and the diverse surprises it offers. From the Southwest corner to the Northeast waterfront the project introduces a progression from dense and mineral to free-form and natural. The opposite diagonal runs from a mechanical to a pedestrian traffic when approaching the seaside.

This “environment” would offer a larger setting integrating the horizon of the Sea of Oman and the mountain ridges to the South. By linking these opposites we define a backbone to our Masterplan development; how place-making occurs.