Sanya, China | 2013 | Tourism
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A new hotel 

  • Project management: AREP Ville, CNADRI
  • Client: Sanya Jiagang Investment Co., Ltd
  • Surface: 88 465 m²
  • Studies: 2013
This project aims to identify different aspects of the program turned into the reality of architecture.
The position of the building on that precise site in Sanya, its orientation and its shape determine the possibilities of the hotel in that context between the city with all its activities and the beauty of the sea. The relation to the main road Yuya Lu, the front garden and the buildings close to it manage its presence in the city while the views from inside in different directions connect to the surrounding on another scale. Because of its activities open to the public it will galvanize the surroundings. Its architectural quality will help to reinforce the identity of the district and will draw a lot of attention on that part of the city. 
The podium part includes the public functions and their services. It is the space to welcome the guests and where the groups of different sizes meet. The lobby is designed to offer different possibilities of accommodation according to their status. The rooms on the top play with the views to make the spaces more pleasant. Circulations and voids play an important role to be efficient and appreciate the time spent out of the bedrooms going to multiple spaces of the hotel.
The façade treatment and the role of the balconies of different types help the resident to appreciate the outdoor without the inconveniency of the strong sun.