Badaling, China | 2020 | Railway station
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Great Wall of China Station

  • Client:Beijing-Zhangjiakou Intercity Railway Company
  • Partner : China Railway Engineering Consulting Group Co.,Ltd
  • Surface : 3,500m2
  • Begin Time : 2016.04.
  • Result Jury : First Prize of Jury
In accordance with the principle of protecting nature and the human landscape, the architecture of Badaling station is integrated into the environment and reinforces the authenticity of the exceptional site of the Great Wall, which has been included on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1987.
A station, an integral part of the landscape

The Great Wall of China, more than 50,000 km long, is a unique network of defences dating back to various periods.
In Badaling, a town north of Beijing, 3,720 m of the Ming dynasty's ramparts are open to the public.
As part of the creation of a Beijing-Zhangjiakou railway line, the station located at the foot of a mountain was designed as an extension of it.
Covered by a green roof, the station blends into the landscape while preserving the authentic setting.

A natural landscape in the station

The use of glass panels in the entrance halls and the basement exchange space,combined with reflective materials for the exposed pillar structure, reflect the mountain and the very green environment of the site. A natural skylight formed by the space left between the station and the mountain, provides a ventilation effect while providing advantageous lighting in underground spaces. The architectural design thus extends the mountain and the natural landscape within the resort itself.

Taking into account sustainable development, Badaling Station establishes a harmonious relationship between the protection of cultural heritage and Chinese economic and tourism development.

Last news

Badaling: A high-speed railway station beneath China's Great Wall
The Badaling station, which has been designed by AREP and Zhong Tie - CRECG, sits along the new high-speed railway network linking Beijing with Zhangjiakou. The line has been planned to facilitate access to the sites hosting the 2022 Winter Olympics and is part of the transport scheme for the Jing Jin Ji metropolitan region, which encompasses Beijing, Hebei and Tianjin.

The tunnel, the platforms and the station building are currently under construction beneath the Great Wall and will be located 60 metres below the surface, making it the deepest railway station in the world. This is a challenging project in terms of accessibility, fire safety and emergency evacuation. The construction works are progressing well and the station is expected to open in January 2020.

AREP is building several other stations for the Winter Olympics on the same railway line, including the Qinghe station in Beijing and the Chongli Taizhechang station near the site where the Olympics medal ceremonies will take place.

  • Client: Beijing-Zhangjiakou Intercity Railway Company
  • Partner company: China Railway Engineering Consulting Group Co., Ltd (CRECG)
  • Total station area (above ground): 2,000sqm
  • Total station area (below ground): 40,000sqm

    Le ministre des chemins de fer chinois Lu dong Fu a visité le 01 février dernier, le site de la future gare de la Grande Muraille de Chine, "Badaling Station".

Dessinéee par AREP, le gare de Badaling est située sur la nouvelle (?) ligne à grande vitesse construite entre Pékin et Zhangjiakou, conçue pour servir l’organisation des Jeux Olympiques d’hiver de 2022. La ligne participe plus largement au schéma de transport défini à l’échelle de l’immense mégalopole Jing Jin Ji qui réunit Pékin, la province du Hebei et Tianjin.
Actuellement en chantier, le tunnel et les quais "cathédral" de la gare de la Grande Muraille de Chine sont situés à 60 mètres sous terre.
Des travaux spectaculaires qui avancent a un rythme très soutenu, la gare doit etre en effet livrée dès la fin de 2020 (?).