Shanghai, China | 2006 | Railway station
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A new circular station 

  • Client: Railways Ministry for the station, Shanghai Municipality for urban development, access and infrastructure           
  • Prime Contractor: AREP Ville and ECADI Associés (East China Architectural Design and Research Institute) / Structural Consultant: MaP3
  • Duration of studies: 2001-2003
  • Site area: 47 000 m²
  • Delivery: 2006          

Awards and prizes

  • 2007 - Shanghai Excellent Engineering Design
  • 2002 - 2nd Shanghai International Design Exhibition of Architects
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The building design combines architectural symbolism with the fluidity of a large, round form housing six levels whose stratification individually distinguishes traffic flows, optimised exchanges with passenger cars and a modus operandi which conforms to the typical organisation of Chinese train stations, which requires controlled access to trains.
The 60 000 m² roof structure, which has a diameter of 255 metres, covers the entirety of the station's networks. It comprises three layers to control light levels, with shade screens on the upper surface, an intermediate enclosing layer of polycarbonate honeycomb material, and a perforated-metal soffit. More than a transit facility integrating shops and services, the station is both a gateway to the city and a genuine symbol of its energy. At night, it transforms into a beacon ablaze in the heart of the city.

Video - gare de Shanghai Sud (Version française) © AREP 2009 / Grzegorz Tomczak