Sergiyev Posad, Russia | 2014 | Railway station
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A new central plaza for the station

- TPU1 (New station: new urban centre of Sergiyev Posad): 30 000 m²
- City Master Plan: 2 187 704 m²
- TPU2 (Extension of the historic station of Sergiyev Posad town centre): 2 130 m²

  • Client: LLC «Regional Centre of Urban Planning», represented by Alexander Bogdanov
  • Project Management: AREP Ville
  • Studies: 01/04/2014 - 15/05/2014
  • Completion date: 15/05/2014
The station plaza with its landscape design consolidates the functions of the railway station and of a shopping and leisure center. The public space consists of two areas located on the southern and northern parts of the station around which administrative, office and residential districts are situated.
The town bus station is located in the parkway which is crossing the station from the north to the east, which provides immediate access to the building. Fast discharge of passengers is organized along the facades. The incentive parking lot in the southern square is connected with the station by a footbridge allowing the passengers to go upstairs directly to the second floor. Track crossing is made easier by a pedestrian crossing passing through the station and connecting both squares. The architecture of the station is monumental and majestic. A large transparent canopy protects the 300 meters long platform.. Three noble materials are used for its construction: stone, wood and glass expressing the idea of sustainability, authenticity and lightness. The platforms are illuminated with sunlight owing to the glassed apertures in the roof. The internal space of the station comprises three levels. The first two levels host the trading passage located around the big internal space where all the streams of passengers converge. Waiting rooms are on the second floor, near the ways to the trains. The platforms located on the third level provide a view of the town’s panorama.