Avignon, France | 2001 | Railway station
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A new station in the confluence of the Rhône and the Durance 

  • Client: SNCF, RFF          
  • Prime Contractor: SNCF Gares & Connexions, AREP / Landscaping: Desvigne and Dalnoky / Design office structures: RFR, SERETE (technical), INGEROP (overall management), COPIBAT (site organization planning)  
  • Site surface: 13 700 m²
  • Delivery: 2001

Awards and prizes

  • 2002 - Du Pont Benedictus Award
  • 2001 - Brunel Award
Standing on the Courtine promontory where the river Durance flows into the Rhône, espousing the curve of the TGV line, the new station's two buildings are perched on the track embankment.
The bigger of the two, the Departures shed, accounts for 80% of the northbound traffic, while the Arrivals shed, a small glass and steel construction, handles the 20% of traffic arriving from the north.  As a protection from the wind and heat, the Departures building is a large, vaulted shed, closed at either end, and 400 metres long - a curved vessel whose south façade is protected by glass-cement composite panels, and along the north façade by textured glass. The waiting area is on an indoor mezzanine from which passengers can directly access their coach using a door numbering system aligned with that of the train.

Avignon TGV station video © AREP 2001 / Grzegorz Tomczak