Strasbourg, France | 2007 | Railway station
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A transport gallery added to the historic facade

  • Client: Communauté Urbaine de Strasbourg (place), SNCF (multimodal hub), RFF (subway), Compagnie des Tramways Strasbourgeois (tram station)
  • Prime Contractor: SNCF, AREP / Design office: Michel Desvigne, Ingénieurs et Paysages, RFR, COTEBA, OTE, 
  • Site surface: 32 000 m²
  • Delivery: 2007
Strasbourg mainline station has been restructured and enlarged to handle some 60 000 passengers per day.
A transport gallery has been added to the historic façade, without, however, modifying its visual impact. The gallery is in fact inside a glass skin which runs along the façade, opening onto the reorganised esplanade in front of the station. The air-conditioned glass construction now governs all connections on several levels, with the city - from the platforms, tram station, taxis, pedestrian and cyclist paths, and car parks - and in so doing optimizes fluidity and safety. On the strength of this image, which combines functionality, enhanced comfort and fine design, from the day it opened, the station successfully breathed new life into a whole neighbourhood, and beyond it, into the city itself.

Strasbourg multimodal hub video © AREP 2010 / Grzegorz Tomczak