Toulon, France | 2014 | Railway station
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A complete refurbishment of the station

  • Client: SNCF Gares & Connexions
  • Project management: SNCF Gares & Connexions / F. Bonnefille, AREP / J.M. Duthilleul, E. Tricaud / Engineering & Structural Design MaP3
  • Delivery: 2014

Awards and prizes

  • 2014 - Brunel Awards - nominated in the category "Stations"
The refurbishment revolves around two mains goals which, firstly, place pedestrians at the heart of the project by redeveloping the existing forecourt into a genuine intermodal space and, secondly, include the overhaul of the passengers building in order to modernize the space offered to users.
The natural stone forecourt has been transformed into a car-free area with passenger drop-off areas as well as taxi pick-up and drop-off points while a pedestrianised axis runs from east to west in front of the station building. The concourse regained its original volume and hosts heated waiting and resting areas. Its modular design adapts to the seasons of the year and allows for largely open spaces in summer and entirely closed areas in winter. Two 200 m² shaded waiting areas have been created in the exterior for the summer months. They are located in front of the lateral wings of the building.

Toulon railway video © AREP 2016 / Grzegorz Tomczak