Moscow, Russia | 2013 | Urban Transport Facilities
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A new multimodal hub

  • Client: Mosinjproekt
  • Project management: Setec Engineering Moscow (Elena Serova as project director), AREP, AREP Vietnam
  • Construction economist: Knight Frank
  • Transport project management: Setec Paris (Lionel Bertrand as project director)
The project consists in developing the functional, urban and architectural concept of the interchange hub of Moscow's new subway station "Technopark".
The latter is added on an existing line, currently undergoing extensive works. Located at a distance of 8 km to the south of Moscow, on a site under redevelopment, the new station will revitalize Nagatino's economic activity. The building rises 7 metres above the tracks and serves the two activity clusters of the area, linking them by a fully glazed footbridge. The footbridge features a temperature control system - necessary because of the climate conditions - as well as vertical circulations leading to the ground level and transport facilities: bus station, taxi ranks and car drop-off, car park facility below ground level etc. It constitutes a real facade for the station leading not only to the trains but also to the shopping mall and the entrance halls of the adjacent buildings.