Saint-Denis, France | 1998 | Urban Transport Facilities
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A new station in Ile-de-France serving Stade de France 

  • Client: SNCF             
  • Prime Contractor: SNCF Gares & Connexions, AREP / Design offices: RFR and Sogelerg, MaP3 (Structural Design Office) 
  • Site surface: 15 200 m²
  • Delivery: 1998
The urban remodelling of the municipality of Saint Denis on the northern outskirts of Paris has taken on a new dimension around the Stade de France national sports stadium.
Within this fast-changing landscape, SNCF has embarked on a major modernisation programme. The new station bridges the pedestrian avenue that provides access to the platforms as it passes beneath the station. The platforms straddling the avenue are made of concrete for trains and of wood and metal for the platforms and passageways, and are protected by wood canopies with a central continuous glass canopy to allow natural light in. The roof structures are anchored by steel cables which, simultaneously echo the architectural vocabulary of the Stadium and create an easily recognisable urban signal. During public events at the Stadium, the station can disgorge 25 000 visitors in 25 minutes via a series of ramps with a 10% gradient.