Beijing, China | 2006 | Health
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The new hospital of Beijing

  • Client: XIE HE hospital
  • Prime Contractor: AREP Ville, Silvio d'Ascia, A.I.A
  • Site surface: 225 000 m²
To the north-west of the Forbidden City, the new hospital constitutes a veritable city within the city.
The building is centrally traversed by an east-west thoroughfare that helps users understand the hospital's organisation and how its different departments are distributed, imposing a rigorous functionality on the whole. The sheer breadth of the development, which offers, in addition to consultation, accident & emergency, medical imaging, medical engineering, hospitalisation and maternity sections, a scientific research and development centre as well as shops and restaurants, is reflected on the façades largely by the identification of a unified stone underpinning punctuated by monumental doors, of a large scrim of enamelled terracotta that folds back as the roof, and of a glass roof above the interior thoroughfare, etc.