Paris, France | 2017 | Interior design
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Enhancing communication within the workplace through renovation

  • Client: OPUS
  • Representative of the client: Real estate division
  • Project management: AREP, IG, PRI
  • Duration: 3 months (the site continued to operate)
  • Handover: 2017
The renovated of the Centre National des Opérations Ferroviaires (CNOF), which supervises the French rail network, is a unified space accommodating a supervision unit (CNOC) and a crisis management centre, as well as various rail entities that collaborate and communicate, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
A bespoke working environment
The CNOF offices are located in a listed building dating back to 1870. Their current layout facilitates collaboration between the teams.
The area dedicated to traffic supervision (CNOC) accommodates ten workstations and forms the heart of the command centre. The crisis management room, as well as offices for the managers of the various rail entities and their teams are laid out around this central part, thus facilitating communication between all of the professionals involved in rail safety.
The ten workstations in the middle of the room are placed in such a way as to reduce the visual barrier formed by the computer screens. This layout enables people to observe both their own screens and those of the people next to them, as well as to speak with each other without leaving their desks.

A modern spatial layout

The use of glass panels and the daylight flooding in from the glazed roof transformed the offices into a transparent and bright working environment, ensuring continuity of movement and enhancing team collaboration. A passageway borders the central area and allows visitors to move around without disturbing the teams working in the middle.
The canteen is thoughtfully located near the offices and provides a comfortable and welcoming environment fostering human contact.