Paris, France | 2001 | Object design
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A study of train-concept in Ile-de-France

  • Client: SNCF - Direction de la recherche et de la technologie
  • Design: AREP

Awards and prizes

  • 2006 - Janus de l'Industrie
In the framework of its Train of the Future research programme, SNCF, the French national rail operator, has commissioned AREP to design a concept commuter train for Greater Paris.

AREP has suggested an unusual structure for the multiple unit trainset, with alternating access cars and saloon and services cars, offering 100% free movement along the entire length of the trainset.
The new train is designed as a living space where passengers can choose how they spend their time aboard thanks to the diversity of layout and seating arrangements, with a light and airy service car with panoramic windows. The distinctive front end of the train identifies the future Transilien, offering a reassuring, user-friendly and familiar image.