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The project for the Borderouge multimodal hub, designed by AREP in a joint venture with Groupe Pichet (representative), is among the winners chosen by Tisséo Collectivités, Toulouse Métropole and the local authorities of Toulouse as part of the call for innovative urban projects "Dessine-moi Toulouse" ("Draw me Toulouse").

POP-UP Metropole, is an ambitious project that is being built within the fast-growing Borderouge district and is aimed at developing new habits and new uses. It focuses on three main areas that will help design an agile and accessible city, able to adapt to future changes. These three areas are:
- Mobility, which will help maintain, complement, and expand the current uses of the site while allowing their transformation over time.
- Inclusion, which will improve the ability to adapt to future uses.
- Sustainability, which will help build a long-term, energy-efficient project, having a low environmental impact and low maintenance or restructuring costs.

  • The team: Groupe Pichet (representative)
  • Investors: Financière Pichet
  • Operators/Users: Foncière Pichet, BePark, Citiz Micromobile
  • Architects: V2S ARCHITECTES, AREP
  • Landscape architect: Gama
  • Engineering consultancies: Ecotech, Inddigo, Koklico, Gamba, Handi'apt, Genre et Ville, Comm1possible
  • Other participants: CRRCH, Haudacity, Le carillon, neOCampus, Intencité
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