Research Initiatives

A symbol of our aspirations, the "R" in AREP stands for "Research".  Since its creation, AREP has encouraged the dialogue, vision and experimentation that nurture research on transport facilities.

Research, at the heart of the AREP group's DNA

Research Initiatives brings together  researchers who work hand in hand with all the specialist teams of the firm.
Our work spans engineering, strategic foresight, environmental research, and social sciences, fostering dialogue between various scientific fields in order to support the projects and experts at AREP.

Our goal is to gain more knowledge and understanding of how projects are created and designed, whatever the scale, without necessarily linking this knowledge to a specific use or application.
AREP Research Initiatives is a community that cultivates an open door policy for all researchers who are keen to share their research and are committed to creating sustainable, inclusive and people-friendly cities.
Uses & Behaviour

Uses & Behaviour

The Uses and Behaviour unit of AREP Research Initiatives brings together initiatives that provide valuable insights into users' behaviour and social interaction within public spaces: how users move around within transport interchange hubs, how they take in information, and how they interact with other people in crowded situations or at different times of the day.

The Uses and Behaviour unit is part of AREP designlab. We provide an expert perspective, shaped by social sciences, that helps observe, analyze and better understand people and the places in which they spend time.

Foresight for Cities and Regions

Foresight for Cities and Regions

Our core mission is to identify and analyze the social changes that have an influence on how cities are formed, on their resilience and architectural design. 

We are aware of the profound transformations of our times and provide a conceptual and critical analysis of the attendant innovation challenges. This allows AREP to tailor its strategy and ensures its projects are infused with the ethics for which the firm stands.

AREP Research Initiatives- Foresight for Cities and Regions is part of the Methods & Innovation department. It collaborates with the design teams and supports all AREP research initiatives.

As for the future, your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Air & Energy

Air & Energy

AREP Research Initiatives - Air & Energy provides innovative solutions for modelling complex physical phenomena.

Our research scientists consolidate and optimize technical project-specific solutions in cooperation with our engineers, designers, and architects. Their approach is based on understanding and analyzing the current and future needs of our clients, refining the reliability of simulation methods and developing specific tools. This work supports AREP's decision-making process on thermal comfort and air quality in semi-open spaces.

The Air & Energy experts are part of the Engineering and Construction department.

They share ideas, free software tools and developments through the Hypercube, AREP's dedicated website for research in engineering, energy and fluid mechanics.

Smart City

Smart City

AREP Initiatives Recherches - Smart City develops tools and methods and is always on the lookout for more effective techniques and hacks to make cities more liveable and sustainable..

Technology is the answer, but what was the question

C. Price

Our goal is to provide quick and practical solutions that help communities respond to climate events, cut out unnecessary intermediaries to ensure lean collaborative work, and tune in to the latest trends.

In other words, we open up a whole new world of possibilities.