Our vision

We design for a sustainable future

We are committed to delivering ecologically responsible infrastructure projects: inserting metro stations in dense urban areas, building railway stations for high speed lines, renewing existing ones and improving their energy efficiency.

Our projects reflect a commitment to virtuous, eco-responsible public infrastructure.

We design complex projects that simplify the lives of the people who use them

We bring together state-of-the-art expertise in architecture, planning, interior design and engineering. We are also experts in delivering large complex projects that sustain essential activities of urban life: to move, work, produce, exchange and meet.

We design for humans and for the environment

Our approach is focused on users, their behaviors and their perceptions. We design starting from what is already there, from the historical depth of context.
We look ahead to anticipate future changes in the ways of living in the city.
Our methods are built around our clients.

By combining their vision with ours we find the most pertinent responses to the challenges that arise.

Our projects demonstrate our commitment to delivering sustainable infrastructure capable of meeting the future environmental challenges
Raphaël Ménard, Chairman