Our company

AREP the interdisciplinary architecture practice,
Our mission: Inventing a post-carbon future

Founded in 1997, AREP is an interdisciplinary architecture practice, a subsidiary of SNCF Gares & Connexions, whose mission is to invent sustainable, low-carbon solutions for all regions and all types of mobility.

The practice is involved with and innovates in all areas essential to the regeneration of architecture and territories, from architectural, urban and landscape design to engineering through design and programming consultancy.

Headed by Raphaël Ménard since 2018 and committed to the ecological transition, notably through its EMC2B (Energy, Materials, Climate, Carbon, Biodiversity) framework, AREP provides concrete responses to the major challenges of the ecological crisis.

AREP has close to 1,000 employees from 30 different nationalities, in France and abroad, and its turnover puts it at the top of the list of architecture practices in France.

By placing ecological emergency at the heart of our agenda
we question architectural and urban practices
while incorporating resource depletion, climate change and demographic considerations in our projects

Raphaël Ménard, Chairman
Key figures

Key figures

  • More than 20 years of experience
  • 800 projects and studies across the globe
  • over 900 professionals
  • 30 different nationalities
  • 30 complementary disciplines relating to project management

  • A wholly-owned subsidiary of SNCF

  • 122 millions € turnover in 2019

  • AFAQ ISO 9001 certification and OPQBI qualification