Chengdu, China | 2004 | Public area
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Square located in the historical center - Surface area: 47 000 m²

  • Client: City of Chengdu
  • Studies: AREP Ville, ECADI (East China Architectural Design and Research Institute) / Structural engineering: MaP3 - Emmanuel Livadiotti
Historical and symbolic center of Chengdu, located at the junction of two subway lines, Tian Fu Square has been redeveloped and covers 50 hectares.
Reminiscent of the old imperial wall, a new enclosure surrounds the existing institutional buildings. Materialized by a moat bordered by retail stores, restaurants and tea rooms overlooking the water, this enclosure is also a meeting place. The Square is dedicated to science and culture. It will include a theater, a concert hall, an academy, and a museum of science and minority groups. Surrounded by water, the square stands at the center of a larger rectangular enclosure which delimits a natural environment with gardens and a large stone-paved area that can be used for public meetings.