Avignon, France | 2001
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  • Client: Communauté urbaine de Grand Avignon
  • Studies: AREP ville, Safia Amarouche / Landscaping: Michel Desvigne
  • Program: Studies, Territorial Cohesion Plan (SCOT)
  • Surface: 550 ha
The Avignon TGV station, built on the Courtine peninsula, sets the limits for urban development and preserved areas of natural beauty.
To the north it links with Avignon via an avenue whose profile becomes more assertive as it passes through the areas developed under the city authorities' construction programmes.  The city intends to leverage the presence of the TGV to attract major corporations to the area. But although the city has acquired additional land in this way, it also intends to preserve the landscape, basing all development on existing land-use patterns. To the south, where the Rhône and Durance rivers meet, the tip of the peninsula is to be left as an area for recreation and leisure activities, equipped with only those facilities essential for preserving its identity.