Shenzhen, China | 2013 | Urban study
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577 269 m² building complex above the Hongshu Bay station

  • Client: Shenzhen Metro Group Co., Ltd.
  • Project management: AREP Ville, AUBE
  • To be delivered in 2020 
Hongshu Bay, a key site of the city of Shenzhen, has been designed as a symbol of the contemporary city.
The urban project builds on the dense metro network  to create a complex interchange transport hub acting as a genuine multi-purpose centre providing comfort and facilities. It revolves around a northwestern – southeastern diagonal thoroughfare which links two metro stations (line 2 and lines 9-11) and features a multi-tiered gallery providing pedestrians with a high quality walkway, retail areas and services while allowing for easy wayfinding through the city thanks to the natural daylight flooding in from above and low-angle views to the exterior. The project conveys a very contemporary image of urban space. A high-rise building will complete this landscape with its clean and strong lines, its sophisticated materials, thus symbolising the strong and unifying spirit of Shenzhen.