Hanoi, Vietnam | 2011-2016 | Multipurpose buildings
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Tower of offices - Surface: 126 460 m² - Height: 160 m

  • Client: Vietnam National Corporation
  • Project management: AREP Ville / J.M. Duthilleul, E. Tricaud, WSS, ZWP, I-AT
  • Competition won in April 2009 
Vinacomin Tower, headquarters of the Vietnamese national mining company, is located in My Dinh, the new business district of Hanoi outside the historic centre of the city.
With its slender massing, the tower evokes the company's main activity through a jewel-like structure inspired by a geological structure called a geode. The south, east and west façades are 'mineral' and bring to  mind a punched card, perforated with square-shaped bays offering protection from sun and heat. The size of the openings depends on the usage while their random dispersion on the façade forms a kinetic pattern across its surface: double-height for the meeting rooms, small office spaces in the centre and open-plan office spaces on the side. On the north façade, opal blue blinds installed in the interior of the building veil the transparency of the curtain wall and stand as a metaphor for the visual vibrancy of crystals.