Paris, France | 2001 | Urban Transport Facilities
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Double hall - Rehabilitation of the existing hall and creation of a niew one - Site surface: 30 000 m²

  • Client: SNCF
  • Associated Client: SNCF
  • Prime Contractor: SNCF Gares & Connexions, AREP / Design office: AREP (principal), OTH, Nicolas Green (glass roofing), Observatoire 1 (lighting)
The underground suburban station built at the Gare du Nord in the late 1970s to connect the new RER B line with Metro, bus and taxi services, provided a cramped, labyrinthine passenger area that was stressful for users.
Today it has been completely remodelled with a double passenger shed in the vein of the Hittorf original. One half already existed, while the other is new-built, matching the scale of the earlier building but using a contemporary vocabulary. The double passenger shed is completely transparent and houses the new Transilien suburban services which, structured around a central well featuring four superimposed levels with natural lighting, provides clear, safe accessways to the different transport services.