Casablanca, Morocco | 2014 | Railway station
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Multimodal hub - Surface: 2 500 m² station including 1 000 m² of retail provision

  • Client: ONCF
  • Contractor: AREP Ville, Etienne Tricaud, Philippe Druesne, Christophe Iliou - Groupe 3 Architectes, Omar Tijani, Skander Amine, architects - Vincent Missemer, Project Director - Structures: MAP3 - Emmanuel Livadotti, Eric Cuervo
  • Delivrey: 2014

Awards and prizes

Plans to build the new Casa-Port station, which will replace the existing one, are part of an overall urban remodelling study and are designed to keep pace with the growth in passenger traffic while creating scope for future urban developments.

The intermodal transport hub comprises the passenger hall, an underground car park on two levels, and the building housing ONCF operations activities. These are located in a building running parallel to the platforms and can thus be used as the starting point for a future real estate development.
The passenger building, which is shaded by a roof structure pierced by light wells, comprises a 2 500 m² main concourse running parallel to the transverse platform concourse which contributes to streamlined management of traffic flows and houses all the services. Sunlight levels on the transparent façades are attenuated on the western side by a system of moucharabiehs. The research on materials and lighting has focused on the use of contemporary materials such as light-coloured, high-performance concrete and aluminium door and window fittings.

Last project news

2016-05-24 11:59:14
Distinction for Casa-Port station by AFEX at the Venice Biennale
Casa-Port station is on the 2016 AFEX Grand Prix prize list, which rewards buildings delivered abroad by French architects.
AREP will be awarded this distinction on 26 May 2016 at the Venice Biennale.