Hangzhou, China | 2014 | Sport
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A concept inspired by a sculpted jade shape

  • Client: Hangzhou Olympic and International Expo Center Construction Investment Co. Lt 
  • Project management: AREP working with HZDI (Hangzhou Institute); in partnership with MaP3, Terao, AREP Flux, AREP Développement durable, Tsinghua Environment
  • Floor space: 180 000 m² / Tower height: 99 m
AREP working with HZDI (Hangzhou Institute) won the international tender to design and build the city of Hangzhou’s sports training centre.

A multisport complex integrated into the landscape

Located 200 km to the south-west of Shanghai and famous for its West Lake, in 2009 the city of Hangzhou made a call for tenders with the aim being to create an emblematic and noteworthy building in tune with sustainable development values.

The sports training centre stretches out over 180 000 m² and includes sports pitches, a velodrome, hotel, sports clinic, media centre, shops and a car park, and has a direct link to a subway station.
AREP chose to respect the quality and abundance of the park by building all the training centre’s pitches over eight floors in a high-tech 99 m high and 84 m deep sports tower.  The garden at the base comprises an inhabited and sculpted landscape of terraces in which services and facilities such as the shopping centre, hotel and clinic are located, immediately above the subway station, which links the complex to the historic city.

A tower, urban landmark symbol of the relationship between the land and the sky

The tower is striated by a long ramp, a pedestrian walkway linking the park to the roof of the complex, which is a public panoramic viewpoint overlooking the new district. This reasoned and rational usage of the space attracted the client who was keen to conserve a quality natural space.
The sports tower brings to mind the Yu Cong, a sculpted jade object from the Liangzhu culture, dating back to Neolithic times, which was found in the Yangtze Delta. The object, just like the project, symbolises the relationship between the earth and the heavens.

Hangzhou Olympic Sports Tower video (AREP 2017 - JP. Zendagui)

Last news

2022 Asian Games: Construction of Hangzhou Sports Tower to start soon
AREP designed the Hangzhou Sports Tower for the 19th edition of the Asian Games.

The project spans 180,000sqm, with the tower accommodating sports courts over eight levels. Both public amenity and urban landmark, the tower blends seamlessly with the landscaped park and accommodates various types of sports activities while providing sweeping views of the city. The project also includes a velodrome, a hotel, a clinic and a car park.

The construction is expected to start within weeks.