AREP designlab at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs


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From 24 January 2017 to 5 February 2017, the organizers of the 2017 Graphic Design Festival give carte blanche to nine creative
projects in order to help understand the diversity of graphic design. AREP Designlab will focus on signing, which aims to make wayfinding more intuitive.
The graphic design of signs combines the search for "obviousness" based on intuitive codes along with a both vibrant and familiar appearance. It brings aesthetics into a mostly functional context.
How can we deliver information in public spaces effectively? How can we help users find their way more easily? How can we
facilitate the intuitive appropriation of public space while providing users with a stress-free experience and easily accessible
Signing serves both function and identity of spaces and plays a major role in their everyday use and legibility as well as in the
continuity of movement. Signing is a complex process and its implementation involves analyzing circulation routes, observing
behaviour, taking into account the specific features and history of places.

The exhibition at the Musée des Arts décoratifs combines video projections, staging and case studies to help you understand the
fundamentals of signing how we can define it, who it is designed for, in what contexts and in what ways.