Our company

Our company

AREP is a laboratory for ongoing research on cities on the move. We support city dwellers in their everyday life by designing spaces that meet their needs, both in France and across the globe
Etienne Tricaud, Chairman of AREP Group

AREP is a multidisciplinary practice and a key player in transforming the city.

Founded in 1997 within SNCF (the French national rail operator) by Jean-Marie Duthilleul and Etienne Tricaud -both architects and engineers- AREP Group delivers projects on different scales going from large metropolitan areas and urban districts to individual buildings and street furniture.

Our reputation is based on our ability to conceive and create multi-modal stations in dense urban areas, in other words mobility-related spaces housing complex uses and facing challenging technical and heritage issues. Building on this knowledge, AREP can provide effective solutions for other types of public spaces.

AREP brings together 900 people and more than 30 nationalities, professionals from diverse disciplines: architects, urban planners, designers, engineers, economists, architectural programming consultants and construction operations managers.

We offer our expertise in all areas of city planning and construction: multimodal hubs and railway stations, public amenities, offices, hotels and housing, shopping centres and technical facilities.

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Our team

Our team

We form a diverse human community bringing together technical expertise, creativity, commitment to excellence and innovation.

AREP Group brings together professionals from various disciplines acting in a complementary way to serve diverse projects.
They are architects, city planners, designers, graphic designers, economists, architectural programming consultants and construction operations managers but also technical experts delivering their specific approach of structures, fire safety, acoustics, electromecanics, heat science and sustainable development.


And last but not least, AREP Group is also our specialised support staff, whose contribution is essential to the firm. The strength of AREP Group relies on the commitment of all its people who shape and convey its knowledge, methods and values.